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SwimRunShop.com is owned by Soren Engholm Hansen and Maj-Britt Klok. We have participated in triathlon, open water swimming, trail running and Swimrun since 2010. We like challenges that push us physical and mental, and we ambitious and determined. As a team in swimrun we complement each other, and are able to push each other in the two different disciplines – trail running and open water swimming.

We have created this shop because we love swimrun. We think it’s awesome when swimrun-races takes place in stunning surroundings and wild nature, and we love the challenge swimrun always give us –  the teamwork, the nature, the adventure and the frequent shift between running and swimming.

We hope that our shop, can help many new swimrunners to get started in swimrun – and gives you the opportunity to find the right equipment. There are so many great swimrun events all over Europe, US and Australia now, it it had to choose which ones to experience. Just take a look in our Race calendar, and find your first/next race. When you have found an event that suits your ambitions, grab your best training buddy, sign up – and start swimrunning

These are the races we have done since we started doing swimrun in 2013:


  • utö swimrun 39km/5,5km
  • ÖTILLÖ swimrun world championship 65km/10km


  • utö swimrun 39/5,5km
  • XTERRA norway swimrun 55km/8km


  • Amphiman 34,4km/4,6km
  • Engadin swimrun 47,5km/5,9km
  • LED swimrun 34km/9km
  • XTERRA Norway swimrun 55km/8km
  • XTERRA Danmark swimrun 32,5km/6km
  • Koster swimrun 15,3km/5,3km


  • Amphiman 34,4/4,6km
  • Utö swimrun 39km/5,5km
  • BRECA buttermere swimrun 38km/6km
  • Trakai swimrun 18km/2,5km
  • LED Swimrun 34km/9km
  • Norway swimrun 55km/8km
  • ÖTILLÖ swimrun world championship 65km/10km
  • XTERRA danmark swimrun 32,5km/5,5km
  • Loch gu loch swimrun 47km/8km
  • 1000lakes swimrun 33km/10k


  • Hvar swimrun 34,8km/10,6km
  • XTERRA swimrun Furesø 18,6km/4,5km
  • Engadin Swimrun 47,4km/5,9km
  • Bologna swimrun 20,5km/4,5km
  • ÖTILLÖ swimrun world championship 65km/10km (DNF injuries)
  • 1000lakes swimrun 33,8km/7,5k


  • Costa Brava swimrun 33,7km/7,3km
  • BIN swimrun 38km/6km
  • Cote Vermille Swimrun 54,7km/8,7km (DNF)
  • Bologna swimrun 34km/6km
  • ÖTILLÖ swimrun world championship 65km/10km
  • 1000lakes swimrun 33,8km/7,5k
  • Cannes swimrun 28,5km/8,3k


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  1. Eagerly awaiting the Orca Core here in the UK too, racing on the 2nd of July. Can’t afford to go up to the RS1 I’m afraid.
    Nice to see a shop set up by lovers of the sport though. This will be my first swimrun and I can’t wait!

  2. Just ordered our Kit for the first SwimRun event here in the US this August. Very excited, thank you!!

    • Great! Hope you will like the team kit. Have fun and train hard 😉

      Maj-Britt – swimrunshop.com

  3. LOVE our kit (and the caps!!), thank you! Now ordering the Orca Core, so glad you have my size (S)in stock!

  4. Hej swimrunshop.

    Er der mulighed for at prøve jeres våddragter inden køb. Eller anden vejledning i størrelser ?

    • Hej Dennis
      Du er altid velkommen til at ringe til os på 31494246, og så vil vi vejlede dig så godt vi kan – eller aftale et tidspunkt at komme forbi.

      Vh Maj-Britt – swimrunshop.com

  5. Tak for super service Maj-Britt. Vi har nu modtaget hele sættet og vi glæder os til at få prøvet det af. Vi skal selvfølgelig øve med det, men første race med det bliver Furesø den 28.5. Håber at se jer herovre til den tid.

    Mvh Martin

    • Selv tak 🙂 Vi ses helt sikkert til XTERRA swimrun i Furesø den 28. Maj

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