FALKE 4 Grip

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FALKE 4 GRIP can optimise your individual game. When you speed up, this special sock gives you the best grip. Because even if your shoe fits properly, your foot still has room to move around. And it is just this extra space that is compensated for by silicone nubs and a more direct power transmission.

Fastest acceleration and changes of direction. Silicone nubs on the inside and outside of the sock provide optimal control – to be that decisive bit faster than your opponent. The compression zone in the ankle area reduces the risk of twisting. The three-layer structure and the patented, optimised fit significantly reduce blistering.

STABILITY FOR EVERY MOVEMENT Quick turns, tackles and cramped spaces take a toll on ligaments and ankles. FALKE 4 GRIP stabilises precisely these areas.

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The innovative 4 GRIP sock design guarantees maximum stability, rapid change of direction and enhanced power transfer in all sports. Silicone pads on the inside and outside stop your foot slipping in the shoe and a special compression zone in the ankle area reduces the risk of sprains at the same time.
Silicone pads inside and out cater for an optimum grip
Compression zone in the ankle area reduces misalignments and the risk of sprains
Moisture-regulating, 3-layered fabric structure
Patented toe box reduces pressure marks and blisters
Ergonomic fit
Normal length


70% Nylon
23% Polypropylene
7% Elastane

Weight 0.076 kg
Falke size

39-41, 44-45, 46-48


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