SWIMRUNNERS™ Calf sleeves – Sweden


The combination nylon and spandex material has the optimal amount of stretch. These sleeves offer moisture wicking and a lightweight material, making them a solid choice for swimrun.

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If you’re looking for a lightweight calf sleeve that without compromising performance or function for swimrun, the SWIMRUNNERS™ calf sleeves is the choice. The lightweight construction makes sure you dont overheat even with flotation inside the calfs. The SWIMRUNNERS™ calf sleeves are designed to offer support and protection to the calf and shins. A high filament yarn wicks moisture away from the skin surface, and antislip dots keeps them in place during swimrun.  A flatlock seam keeps chafing and rubbing at bay.

Size L is for use without floatation

Size XL is for use with floatation


  • Anti-slip dots
  • easy to put on
  • Graduated compression boosts circulation
  • unisex sizing
  • Flatlock seams



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