SWIMRUNNERS™ hand paddles

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Hand paddles in three sizes to fit swimrunners on all levels. Improve your technique and increase your power with the SWIMRUNNERS™ Hand paddles.

Made in chlorine resistant and long lasting polypropylene. Adjustable latex tubing for multi-position, comfort and fits all hands. Anatomical Shape for a natural stroke and palm support. Water holes gives a good water feeling and increased stroke fluidity.


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SWIMRUNNERS™ hand paddles are contoured to the shape of your hand. They help develop proper stroke mechanic and form while maintaining the hands’ natural feel for water flow. Small holes lessen resistance and tubing won’t overpower your hands.

SWIMRUNNERS™ hand paddles is the perfect gear to gain speed and power in a swimrun race – and increase strength and endurance in training.

Available in 3 different sizes to fit swimrunners in all levels. Ergonomical design and very durable material. Silicone straps in 5 different colors.

Great for team training or individual workouts.

Small: 14,5*15,5cm, weight 98 gram

Medium: 19cm*18cm, weight 155 gram

Large: 20,5cm*22cmm, weight 202 gram


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