SWIMRUNNERS™ elastic cord – support


The SWIMRUNNERS™ pull belt is the optimal solution to improve the teamwork and achievements in swimrun. The Pull belt support cord is easy to adjust and gives diffrent possibilities throughout a race or training session.

The Support bungee cord can be used to pull each other, both in the water and while running.

The pull belt support bungee cord has a snaphook attachment system, and is 3m long/5mm semi-flexible bungee cord. The snaphooks is made in lightweight aluminium.

Weight: 68g

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The SWIMRUNNERS™ support cord is made 5mm elastic cord. The support cord has an accurate length of 3 meters, and is attached to the belt with snaphooks. The support cord can be used to pull each other, and is the ideal solution for racing and training with SWIMRUNNERS Pull Belt support.


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